Style Time Machine: Bubble Buns

I would like to revisit a dark, shameful period of my childhood with the internet. Except it’s not really dark and shameful for me, just my immediate family who thought that 12-year-old Nikki was a sartorial embarrassment. Whatever, my aesthetic choices were just streets ahead. At the dawn of the new millenium, I was a fan of a hair style that was (not so endearingly) termed “bubble buns” by my mother and sister. It was pretty much just small pigtail buns placed high on the sides of my head. Pretty dope, right? I was so fly; I looked like a prepubescent brunette Zenon.

Non-coincidentally, I have burned all pictures from this part of my childhood.

So I decided to make a tutorial, mostly because I had nothing better to do last night, and partly because I think my sister and some friends will get a kick out of it. Yuck it up at my misfortune, clowns.

To achieve this spectacular look, you will need the following tools:

A couple of small elastics, a bunch of bobby pins (anywhere from 4-10, depending on the thickness of your hair), and a rat-tail comb for making a clean part that I totally forgot to include but you’ll see it in a picture later on, mmkay?

To begin, you’ll want 2nd- or 3rd-day hair. Dirty hair has more grip to it, which makes it ideal for updos. I had washed my hair in the morning, so I gave it a quick spritz with Pssst Instant Dry Shampoo to add some grit and texture.

I’m all prepped. Let’s get this show on the road.

Next, you want to use the tail of a comb to part your hair down the middle (or the side angled towards the middle, if you feel like center parts don’t flatter your face, which I do). Continue this part all the way to the nape of your neck.

World’s Best Multitasking Camerawoman

Take one of your elastics and just restrain half of your hair for now. It doesn’t need to look pretty; just keep it out of the way.

Quality photography, shot with my iPotato 4S

Now take the other half of your hair and pull it up into a medium-high pony tail on the side of your head. Secure with the remaining elastic band.

Yet another beautiful shot of my bathroom. The beige towels behind me are from Bed, Bath and Beyond, just in case you were wondering (you probably weren’t).

Now repeat on the remaining half of your head, using the elastic that’s already keeping that hair under control.

At this point, you should look like Pippi Longstocking without braids.

Coil the hair around the ponytail and secure with 2-5 bobby pins.

Here’s the completed right side…

…and here’s the completed left side. Can we all please ignore the zit I absentmindedly picked that is now colonizing my chin? kthnx

I tried to take a top-view picture, but I’m clearly not coordinated enough to be my own camerawoman, so it wound up looking kinda Myspace-ish.

Thankfully, I stopped wearing my hair like this before Myspace became a popular thing. High school is hard enough without looking like a Disney Channel reject.

Bonus: When you take your hair down, it’ll be totally hot and voluminous with some bend at the ends.

You, too, can be a total babe.

And the products that made this face possible (sorry, no swatches today):

  • Clinique Even Better Foundation in 01 Alabaster
  • elf Blush in Pink Passion
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart (it’s about 80% worn off at this point)
  • Clinique Cream Liner in 02 True Black, applied with a pointed liner brush
  • Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara in Jet Black

So what looks did you embrace in your early adolescence that left your family cringing? JNCO jeans? Crimped hair? Enough body glitter to blind onlookers in direct sunlight? Share your embarrassing memories!


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