Perfect Winged Eyeliner

It happens to the best of us. We put effort into our eyeliner, decide to go for a winged look, struggle to get our wings to match, before ultimately saying “fuck it” and surrendering to makeup-remover soaked cotton swabs and wingless eyes. Well, no more. You can achieve perfect (or at least passable) winged eyes every day, with only a little bit of practice and one helpful trick.

To start, you will want an eyeliner of choice. Gel, liquid, or pencil will all work. I will be demonstrating this process with both gel (Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner in 02 True Black, applied with a bent liner brush) and liquid (Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Pen in Trooper) liners.

You will also need a face, preferably with eyes.

If I look unamused, it’s probably because I am just at this moment realizing that my hair is a wreck and I’m not wearing any foundation. Womp womp. Too late now.

To begin the actual application process, you will want to tightline your upper lashes. This means coming at your lashline from below (by the upper waterline) and wiggling your liner into the roots of your lashes, thus thickening their appearance. It guarantees that you don’t have any fleshy parts peeking out when you finish lining your eyes.

Frightening picture of me tightlining with gel liner. Wiggle it in nice and deep while making your eyes look wide and terrifying. For optimum non-flattery, choose an awkward upward camera angle.

In the post-tightlining picture, you can see that my eye on the right appears to have a slightly more defined shape, with dense lashes that continue almost all the way to the inner corner. Compare that to the eye on the left, which seems less defined and slightly wider-set as it lacks the visual weight of dense lashes (or, faked lashes with eyeliner) on the inner third.

I promise, I’m really excited about Eyeliner Week, even though my unconscious expression here is obviously unimpressed

Next, you want to continue lining the upper lashline as normal. Don’t worry if the outer third looks pretty sloppy; we’ll be going over that with more liner soon, which should cover and clean up any messy edges.

I’m almost smiling. Almost. Eyeliner is so powerful, it can even pull me out of my 5pm post-work corporate doldrums.

Now we get to the secret: you want to stop lining your eye and make a tiny dot where you’d like your wing to end.



Ideally, you would want to do the upper lash of one eye, then the other, then place one wing dot, then the other, so as to ensure even lining. However, since I’m demonstrating this technique with two different products, you’ll just have to try it for yourself to see how incredibly easy it becomes to achieve awesome, evenly matched liner on both eyes.

Finally, extend your liner from the existing line to meet the target point. Your wing should come to a clean, graceful conclusion, and the upward extension of your eyeliner should cover any sloppy bits at the outer corner from earlier.

The finished product. I told you we’d cover up those sloppy outer edges.

As promised, here’s the process again, achieved with liquid liner:

Tightlined and lined the upper lashline

Added my target mark.

Extended my liner to meet the mark in a pristine wing.

Bonus view with closed eye.

I have just granted you the gift of ultimate knowledge. You’re welcome. #wings5eva #eyelineraddiction #hashtag


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