EYELINER WEEK: Double-Winged Liner…Two Ways!

Before I apologize for how long I delayed finishing Eyeliner week, allow me to bask in the Siouxsie Sioux fierceness of the above featured image. This post is gonna get a little weird and a lot fabulous, so buckle up.

Now, before I set off on this tutorial, please allow me to apologize for how far off-track I allowed myself to stray with regards to Eyeliner Week. I was so excited for this, I was prepared, I had a plan and outlines and everything, and yet, life got in the way. I fell behind, and I’m sorry if any of you readers felt even a twinge of sadness at seeing how derailed my proposed Eyeliner Week had become. Or even if you felt just mildly inconvenienced. Or if it didn’t affect you at all. Even to those people who don’t read my blog, I’m sorry. This is what Catholic guilt does to me.

Back to the issue at hand: eyeliner. Specifically, double-winged eyeliner. That’s an eyeliner look with two wings, for those not grasping the finer points of self-explanation. And I’m gonna show you two ways to achieve this look, so it’s actually four wings. Quadruple-winged eyeliner, here we come!

Look 1: Outer Wings

To begin take your eyeliner of choice (here I am using Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner in 02 True Black with a bent liner brush, both featured in my Perfect Winged Eyeliner tutorial) and line your upper lashline from your inner corner to just before your outer corner. It should look something like this:

Ideally, when doing this look yourself, you’ll want to manage your brows a bit better. And maybe feign some modicum of happiness.

Next, extend your wing to it’s graceful, pointed conclusion. If you struggle with winged liner, check out my recent tutorial on how to draw wings cleanly and evenly. When finished with this step, your line should resemble this:

I think I just have a problem looking happy. Blame it on the Bitchy Resting Face.

Now for the titular double-wing: extend a wing on your lower lashline parallel to the upper wing, like so:

Yeah, I know it looks p cray right now, but we’ll blend shit out and it’ll be dope. Trust me.

Extend the lower line about 2/3 of the way to your inner corner. I used both the cream liner from above and a matte black shadow (L’Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow in 920 Lush Raven) applied with an angled liner brush to diminish the harshness of the line. Ultimately, you will look ferosh (fey-ROW-sh; adj., ferocious), like so:

Ta-da, bitches!

In the above photo, I deepened my crease with a greyish-lilac shade to give the eye more dimension without overpowering the standout eyeliner. Additionally, I added some white eyeliner between my parallel wings to make them pop. If you’re not as pale as me (i.e. if you belong with 99% of the global population), I would recommend using a neutral liner a few shades lighter than your skin. For medium-light shades, some good options are Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in Bare (warm base), Sephora Collection Long Lasting Kohl Pencil in Infinite Beige (neutral base), and Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Hex (cool-pinkish base, also makes the sclera of your eyes look awesomely white).

Another detail shot

And that’s all there is to it. It’s a statement eye, but surprisingly wearable for evening. The next wing option is a little more daring, though, so prepare yourselves for…

Look 2: Inner Wings

Once again, you will begin by lining your upper lashline 90% of the way to your outer corner…

…like so…

…and extending that line to an outer wing. Here I am using Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid Liner Pen in Trooper, which I’ve used in about a bajillion tutorials and product reviews because this stuff is like crack. Next up, you will want to continue from the tip of the wing in a downward direction along your lower lashline. It should look something like this:

It’s messy now, but it will get better.

Now return to your upper lashline. Extend your liner inwards and downwards towards your nose, following the upper edge of your tear duct and extending just beyond. Continue your lower line towards your inner corner and draw a line parallel to your upper tear duct line. These are your inner wings!

Et voila!

This doesn’t fall comfortably within most individuals’ acceptable range for “everyday wear” (unless you’re Siouxsie Sioux, in which case I’m flattered that you’ve read my post) but I think it’s incredibly striking and phenomenally flattering on wide-set eyes. Once again, you can use a light (or white) liner to define the space between your wings.

And there you have it, double-winged liner, done two ways. Either one of these looks would be great for cosplay, especially certain anime characters (as most have exaggerated outer lashes and/or inner corners) or for a Halloween fawn costume (click the link; the makeup is rad and I don’t even get paid for traffic, so it’s completely altruistic). Speaking of cosplay, I’m rambling off topic for a quick second to state how freaking impressed I was with some of the cosplayers at PAX 2013 in Seattle last weekend. There were some fantastic BioShock Infinite costumes, an awesome Leeloo, and more Adventure Time and Portal cosplayers than you could shake a stick at. So much fun. I did not dress up (because I’m not brave enough and it was hot as balls and my face was melting off and all I wanted to do was go to Cheesecake Factory and sit in the air conditioning but my boyfriend and I really wanted to stick around until the line for Oculus Rift died down).

On that note, how was everyone’s Labor Day weekend? Now that summer is unofficially over, what fall makeup trends are you excited to try out??


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