EYELINER WEEK: Dual-Winged Liner

We’ve reached the end, my friends! The final post of Eyeliner Week (yes, I own a calendar and I know this took a lot longer than a week, but I already apologized, so there’s no need to harp on me) is upon us. To bring this blessed event to a close, today’s post will demonstrate another option for wearing the many colored liners I recently featured. As the title would suggest, we’ll be tackling dual-winged liner today. Dual-winged liner is two lines super-imposed on top of one another (as opposed to double-winged liner, which is a different animal altogether). It’s surprisingly easy, so let’s jump right in. Make an awkwardly unphotogenic face and let’s do this. Continue reading


Eyeliner Week: Colored Eyeliner

I have previously mentioned how, as a child, my folicular and sartorial choices were a regular source of embarrassment to my family. In addition to my odd taste in hairdos, I combined some colors, patterns, and textures that didn’t, in a traditional sense, “go together.” I was pretty well known among elementary school teachers, daycare providers, and family friends for my penchant for stripes, florals, and neons. Mind you, this was the early to mid ’90s, and get-ups like this where considered normal; you had to be pretty unique to stand out in a sea of day-glo crop tops and swishy wind breakers. The point of all this exposition is that I have long been a fan of color and makeup, and so you should probably trust me when it comes to recommendations for colored eyeliner. Below are some of my favorites, as well as two looks I created using exclusively colored liner. Stay tuned for the final post of Eyeliner Week: a tutorial for dual-winged liner that will feature (you guessed it) more fun, colored eyeliner! Continue reading

Universally Flattering Look: Brown Eyeliner

Black eyeliner is a staple in every makeup artist’s (or makeup addict’s) kit. It’s classic and can be used to obtain a variety of looks, from a demure 50’s wing to a thick, smudgy ring à la Nancy Spungen or Joan Jett. I am not here to smack talk black liner. I just want to open eyes to alternative possibilities. Alternative possibilities like brown eyeliner.

Hear me out.

Brown is ultra-versatile. It comes in both warm- and cool-based tones to flatter a variety of skin types. While black is sometimes appear jarring against pale skin, brown can impart a softer look. With a growing selection of shades and levels of opacity, there is a brown liner out there for everybody. I’ve culled a list of favorites, as well as created two flattering looks using brown eyeliners. Continue reading