EYELINER WEEK: Dual-Winged Liner

We’ve reached the end, my friends! The final post of Eyeliner Week (yes, I own a calendar and I know this took a lot longer than a week, but I already apologized, so there’s no need to harp on me) is upon us. To bring this blessed event to a close, today’s post will demonstrate another option for wearing the many colored liners I recently featured. As the title would suggest, we’ll be tackling dual-winged liner today. Dual-winged liner is two lines super-imposed on top of one another (as opposed to double-winged liner, which is a different animal altogether). It’s surprisingly easy, so let’s jump right in. Make an awkwardly unphotogenic face and let’s do this.

Awkward facial expression: check! (You can tell I don’t touch up or edit my photos by how gross my skin looks in pictures where I’m not wearing foundation. I’m serving realness.)

You will need two colors of eyeliner, one significantly darker than the other, and a q-tip for cleanup. I will be showing you two iterations of this look, which is why there are four liners in my prep photo below:

L to R: Sephora Contour pencil in Snakeskin Dress, Loréal H.I.P. in Navy, Sephora Contour pencil in Blonde Ambition, Sephora Nano pencil in Azur Blue.

Step one: Draw a thick wing in your lighter color. I chose Sephora’s Snakeskin Dress liner because it draws on like a dream and makes my eyes look fantasmical. I just had to make that word up because I couldn’t find a term to accurately describe how good it makes my eyes look. #neologism

The awkwardness continues as I can’t decide whether I should look directly at the camera or avoid the lens. Both options look odd to me.

Step two: Using the darker shade, draw a thinner line directly on top of your existing winged lineAnd, uh, that’s it. There aren’t any more steps. I feel like there should be more than two if I’m going to list them out like that. Oh, well.

See? I really don’t know where I’m supposed to look when I take these. Pictures are stressful.

For the second attempt, I chose a white and blue color scheme. If you’re into costumey makeup (which I am), I think this would be a killer look with a cherry-red lip for appropriately patriotic holidays (e.g. Fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Bastille Day, etc).

Step one: you know the drill. Thick line. This time with the white liner.



Step two: Slap on that skinny line. This time it’s cobalt instead of navy. Or you can choose whatever color combo you heart desires. I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life. You do you.


So that’s it. Eyeliner week is over. I hope you had fun, but it’s time for everyone to go home. I need to practice eye contact and taking pictures.


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