Instead of [BLANK], Try [BLANK]

Instead of a baking soda facial treatment, try a baking soda nail whitener!

As previously discussed, baking soda (pH 8.3)  is far too alkaline for use on facial skin, as it will neutralize and strip away the protective acid mantle (pH 4.5-5.6). I’m amazed and disappointed that there are still people out there toting the benefits of baking soda as a facial mask or scrub. Pro tip: if a product can be used to scrub away hard water residue or stains on your toilet bowl, it’s probably not a good idea to slather it all over thin, delicate facial skin.

That said, baking soda’s whitening properties can clean more than dingy bathrooms and stained teeth. If your nails have been yellowed by dark nail polishes, you remove the stains by concocting a paste of baking soda and water. Scrub gently onto your nails, then rinse away. To neutralize the effect of baking soda’s alkaline qualities, you may want to follow up with a moisturizing hand massage using vegetable oil (such as olive oil). Vegetable oils are weakly acidic, much like the surface of your skin. Furthermore, a massage with a rich oil feels luxurious and indulgent. Treat your skin and nails to this hand-pampering routine and for the love of god do not use baking soda on your face.


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