New Year’s Eve Tips

Landmark moments in the passage of time make people want to take pictures. New Year’s Eve is like a double-whammy in that sense, as it is both the end of the current year and the beginning of a fresh one. There will be group shots, selfies, and candids galore tonight, so I’m laying down the major dos and don’ts for a fabulously photogenic new year. Continue reading


How To Wear Red and Green Makeup and Look Like Christmas Threw Up On Your Face

The inimitable Alle of did a tutorial on totally wearable red and green makeup today.  It was beautiful and festive without screaming “Toddlers in Tiaras Christmas Pageant.”

But Toddlers in Tiaras and I have something in common. We’re not much ones for understatement.

I’m all about the Christmas zeitgeist. I want to spend every waking moment December 1st through 25th looking like Christmas threw up all over me. I find that my Crayola-hued red and green makeup perfectly compliments my Christmas sweater, featuring Santa in his workshop making birdhouses (no joke, there are 11 bird houses on my sweater). Shoulder pads are not necessary, but strongly recommended. The vibe is eccentric old lady meets kindergarten pageant.

Bonus Pic: the above mentioned sweater

This post was really just bragging about my festive holiday garb. Thanks, Mom, for being a pack rat and allowing me to raid your 25+ year old sweater collection.

Return to Normalcy: Models on Magazines

I don’t want to say that print journalism is dying, but it has certainly suffered a shift in orientation over the past decade or so. As digital media draws an increasing market share of consumers away from paper-and-ink publications, magazines have resorted to featuring a revolving door of actresses and singers as cover models in an effort to capitalize on their celebrity and increase circulation. Don’t get me wrong; I love movies, I love music, I love the creative minds behind movies and music, and I am prone to the occasional gossip rag indulgence. However, (most) actresses and musicians are not models (as an exception to the rule, I will continue to love Diane Kruger 5eva).

It’s pretty common for people to romanticize whatever decade in which they grew up and made the formative memories of their childhoods. However, I think my love of the 90’s hits a deep, throbbing vein more intensely than the mere memories of an idealized youth viewed in hindsight.  My love of the 90’s hinges on the existence of superheros, or shall I say, supermodels. Continue reading

Orange Is the New Black: Beauty Trends for 2014

We’ve been having a chilly (though unseasonably sunny) few days here in Seattle, and my understanding is that things are generally enveloped in a foggy grey blanket of blah back home in Chicago. When things turn chilly, dim, or generally depressing weather-wise (and, I suppose, life-wise), I like to amp up the cosmetic fun factor with a whole lot of orange. When I need to pull myself out of a dull, quotidian routine, a smattering of of tangerine powder and cantaloupe cream will do the trick in a jiffy. This surprisingly flattering hue that can create a range of impressions, from high-impact to subtle swaths of color.  Continue reading

Contouring: The Products, The Tools, The Color Theory

So pretty much everyone has done a contouring tutorial or video. Wayne Goss has done not one, not two, but three different videos. Jane Pratt’s beauty site has published a couple of contouring articles.  As of late, the internet has been blowing up with glam_her_booth’s impressive contouring transformation, which has been reposted on various sites about a bajillion times.

Everyone should check out Tylor Kirsten (glam_her_booth) on Instagram, because she’s crazy talented.

So why should I bother with my own tutorial? It’s not going to be as pretty as Wayne’s and it certainly won’t be as dramatic as Tylor’s. Well, I’m gonna do what I do best: throw some science in this bitch. We’re gonna talk about color theory, we’re gonna talk about product formulations, and we’re gonna have an all-around good time. Let’s dive in. Continue reading