How To Wear Red and Green Makeup and Look Like Christmas Threw Up On Your Face

The inimitable Alle of did a tutorial on totally wearable red and green makeup today.  It was beautiful and festive without screaming “Toddlers in Tiaras Christmas Pageant.”

But Toddlers in Tiaras and I have something in common. We’re not much ones for understatement.

I’m all about the Christmas zeitgeist. I want to spend every waking moment December 1st through 25th looking like Christmas threw up all over me. I find that my Crayola-hued red and green makeup perfectly compliments my Christmas sweater, featuring Santa in his workshop making birdhouses (no joke, there are 11 bird houses on my sweater). Shoulder pads are not necessary, but strongly recommended. The vibe is eccentric old lady meets kindergarten pageant.

Bonus Pic: the above mentioned sweater

This post was really just bragging about my festive holiday garb. Thanks, Mom, for being a pack rat and allowing me to raid your 25+ year old sweater collection.


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