New Year’s Eve Tips

Landmark moments in the passage of time make people want to take pictures. New Year’s Eve is like a double-whammy in that sense, as it is both the end of the current year and the beginning of a fresh one. There will be group shots, selfies, and candids galore tonight, so I’m laying down the major dos and don’ts for a fabulously photogenic new year.


While I am a staunch supporter of everyday sun protection, you don’t need it at night and you don’t want it in pictures. Skip the sunscreen tonight unless you have an overwhelming desire to look like Casper. Sunscreens work by either reflecting (organic sunscreen active ingredients) or absorbing (inorganic sunscreen active ingredients) UV radiation. Moisturizers or foundations with SPF (particularly organic sunscreens) may reflect light from strong camera flashes, resulting in a comparatively paler-looking face.

Honestly, SPF is a very small piece of the ghost-face.jpg puzzle. Part of it is that front-mounted flashes create an unnatural light source at an unnatural angle; this inspires a perfect storm of flat, wash-you-out grossness on even the most the photogenic  of subjects. However, every little bit helps, so why not just leave the UVB protection at home. You ain’t gonna need it at midnight.


I love silica powder. I truly do. But no matter how flawless it makes me look in person, I know it will not fare well under flash photography. Silica is highly reflective, which makes it great at masking imperfections and creating a soft-focus effect in real life, but that doesn’t translate well to photos. Unless you want to look like you’ve you’ve been playing around in flour, confectioner’s sugar, or Charlie Sheen’s mirrored coffee table, skip on the MUFE HD Microfinish Powder tonight.

Silica Powder Horror Stories: Ashley Judd and Nicole Kidman

Uma Thurman: Another Silica Powder Casualty

Lisa Kudrow sporting the reverse-raccoon look

In the fight of Silica Powder vs. Paparazzi Flash Photography, Eva Longoria loses.


Many people have a natural tendency to choose foundations that are too light for their skin. A lot of foundations compound this problem by marketing too-light foundations as “luminous” or “enhancing your glow,” but it’s really just a lighter shade with a touch of shimmer. For the most realistic photo effect, try to match the skin you have as best you can. Test new shades against your jawline, look at your reflection in natural light from one pace length away, and  don’t be afraid to mix multiple shades to achieve your perfect match. Adequate blending won’t completely solve the problem of too-light foundation,either; even if you blend a nice gradient and can’t easily spot a line of demarcation, it’s still obvious when your face and your neck/chest are two different colors.

Emily Blunt looks like her face has stayed in London while her body went vacationing in the Caribbean.


It’s New Year’s Eve, for Christ’s sake! The fireworks and champagne bubbles beg to be paired with equally glittery, shimmery, bubbly fashion and cosmetics. Gold and bronze shimmery eyes, rhinestone-studded false lashes (a preference of Alle from, sequin dresses, fun hair accessories–the sky is the limit! Choose to highlight one or two features for impact without looking costumey. Try shimmery eyes with a sparkly hair accessory or a knock-out metallic jacket. Whatever you’re wearing, be sure to include the greatest accessory–a wide, genuine smile to ring in the new year!


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