Sample Extravaganza! Testing First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream

I have a lot of samples.

Every month I accrue new skincare, makeup, and fragrance samples that are rarely used–the exception, of course, being occasions when I’m going out of town and need products that adhere to TSA-friendly sizing guidelines. I’ve decided to turn my cluttered drawer of samples into proverbial lemonade by using it as fodder for product reviews. First up is the much-hyped Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty.

At $12.00 per 2 oz, my .06 oz sample holds a street value of $0.36

Ultra Repair Cream is touted as a thick, super-emollient moisturizer that tackles dry, sensitive skin issues without greasiness. Heavy-hitting ingredients include colloidal oatmeal (an anti-irritant), shea butter (a plant lipid and emollient moisturizer), and ceramides (a family of waxy lipids naturally present in the skin which provides a major structural component to the dermis and maintains moisture retention).

The cream is thick in texture, heavy in consistency, opaque and white.  It has little to no discernible scent. For the purposes of this review, I applied it to my face and hands.

photo 1

Ultra Repair Cream unceremoniously smushed onto the back of my hand.

photo 2

Doing my best beauty commercial impression, swiping a thick, even layer of Ultra Repair Cream onto my jaw while holding an ethereal, far-off gaze.


  • Absorbed quickly and without any greasy residue; my face looks matte despite being very well-moisturized
  • Due to the cream’s non-greasy nature, my hands remained  didn’t leave excess fingerprint smudges on my tablet screen while looking up the product price (listed above)
  • Adequately met the hydration needs of my perennially dry skin
  • Hasn’t upset my outrageously sensitive complexion


  • The sample wasn’t large enough for me to test on my elbows and feet, where I feel it could be highly effective. That’s not the sample’s fault, though; I just didn’t budget my .06 oz very well.
  • While this product was adequate for my summer skin, I doubt it could handle my (admittedly difficult) skin in the winter. It could probably tackle dryness, windburn, or scaliness, but probably not all three at once.
  • The full-size product is packaged in a jar with no additional pump accessory available for purchase; dipping your fingers into to product and packaging is a potential breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Eucalyptus is a common irritant, particularly for those with sensitive skin, though I suspect it’s in such a low concentration as to prove borderline negligible

The Verdict:

It’s a good moisturizer that includes effective ingredients while omitting potential irritants such as parabens, phthalates, and dyes. I give it a thumbs-up and a forced smile.

photo 3


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