I Dyed My Hair (Again) and Stella Interrupts a Sample Review

Before I get to the heart of this review, I’d like to thank Althya at Gary Manuel Aveda Institute for my beautiful dark auburn dye job! Orange to auburn was a big follicular leap and she handled the challenge with aplomb. Even weeks later, it looks phenomenal and has minimal fading. She’s a consummate professional and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of hair cut/color/styling services in the Seattle area!

And now for the heart of the matter: my review of Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate. 


At $84/oz, this .03 oz sample carries an estimated value of $2.52

I tried this serum at night, post-shower.

Be gone, stubborn forehead wrinkle!

Be gone, stubborn forehead wrinkle!

The good: this serum, despite its thicker gel-like texture, absorbed surprisingly quickly. It contains ingredients with proven benefits for the skin (antioxidants such as vitamin C to reduce oxidative damage, sodium hyaluronate for moisturizing and healing benefits, adenosine for its anti-inflammatory properties, etc).

The bad: irritating ingredients such as denatured alcohol, limonene, and citronellol counteract this product’s anti-inflammatory properties. The scientific research supporting Lacôme’s unique yeast-based anti-aging ingredient is limited at best. The fragrance was meh.

Stella wanted her picture take, too.

Stella wanted her picture taken, too!

The verdict: It’s not a particularly bad product. It’s actually an average product with above-average packaging and a very pleasant texture. But for what it is, Advanced Génifique is inexcusably pricy. There are less expensive, less irritating serums that contain similar moisturizing and anti-aging compounds and yield better results. Save your money and buy any variety of worthwhile purchases, including (a.) a sweater, (b.) a Chipotle burrito, (c.) an alcohol-free serum, (d.) a Christmas present for your mom, etc.



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