Welcome to my blog!

Nouveau Nikki is primarily beauty-focused, with product reviews, tutorials, and general beauty musings collected from my time as both an esthetician and rabid consumer of all things cosmetic. However, my cogitations on lifestyle, fashion, fitness, technology, music, politics, food, observational humor, et al. may bleed into some published content.  It’s sort of a package deal.

For all you Francophiles out there, yes, realize that “Nouvelle Nikki” would be more grammatically appropriate, but (a.) I didn’t want to cause any confusion with Nikki Nouvelle, who is apparently a makeup artist with a credit on a smooth jazz album, (b.) des produits cosmétiques are masculine, so, if you think of me as a cosmetic tool for use in your own beauty aspirations, “Nouveau” works, and (c.) the domain was available.

I’m a 20-something history-spouting, Hemingway-loving Chicago native and recent not-so-recent transplant to Seattle. I live in Ballard South Lake Union with my partner, our whippet mix, and a small collection of neuroses.

If you would like to contribute support for this blog, we are now accepting Paseo sandwiches and Diet Dr. Pepper.

If you have any product review or tutorials you’d like to see, request them by emailing me.


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