Drink Series: Mint Julep

Those of you who are into equine sports and the Sarah Vickers lifestyle know that the Kentucky Derby was a week and a half ago. I was not on my game, and thus did not post this article on a more appropriately topical day (like, two weeks ago). No time like the present, though, so I’m about to lay down some mint julep truths. Continue reading


Drink Series: Margarita


The margarita seemed like a natural choice to kick off my drink series, as today happens to be Cinco de Mayo.** For historians, this means that it is the 152nd anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, in which the Mexican army kicked the collective asses of the occupying French forces. For those who like to celebrate other nations’ achievements by getting drunk and wearing culturally-appropriative clothing, this is an opportunity to drink tequila and wear sombreros. Luckily, a nice tequila cocktail can be enjoyed the other 364 days of the year, as well. Continue reading

Seasonal Drinks Series


Now that the weather has sufficiently warmed, Seattle is feeling sunny and summery. These long, breezy days were practically made for outdoor happy hours spent enjoying crafted cocktails. Or at least, that is what I tell myself every summer when I indulge in the tasty libations that seem endemic to the season. Beautiful weather has a habit of making high-functioning alcoholics of all of us, what with the rooftop patios, boats, and other prime locations for drinking. In the spirit of such drunken revelry, I will be publishing a series on my favorite summertime cocktails, their history, and my chosen recipe. Salut!