Throwback Thursday: NYFW

On this most auspicious #tbt I would like to take a moment to meditate on my experience at New York Fashion Week this past February. I was so fortunate to have been involved in the Autumn/Winter 2015 shows at the Lincoln Center; I don’t have the words to express the depth of my gratitude. Continue reading


Return to Normalcy: Models on Magazines

I don’t want to say that print journalism is dying, but it has certainly suffered a shift in orientation over the past decade or so. As digital media draws an increasing market share of consumers away from paper-and-ink publications, magazines have resorted to featuring a revolving door of actresses and singers as cover models in an effort to capitalize on their celebrity and increase circulation. Don’t get me wrong; I love movies, I love music, I love the creative minds behind movies and music, and I am prone to the occasional gossip rag indulgence. However, (most) actresses and musicians are not models (as an exception to the rule, I will continue to love Diane Kruger 5eva).

It’s pretty common for people to romanticize whatever decade in which they grew up and made the formative memories of their childhoods. However, I think my love of the 90’s hits a deep, throbbing vein more intensely than the mere memories of an idealized youth viewed in hindsight.  My love of the 90’s hinges on the existence of superheros, or shall I say, supermodels. Continue reading

Q & A: Natural Beauty Products

I frequently field queries from friends and acquaintances regarding cosmetics, and particularly about skincare. I don’t mind being asked questions; people know I have an interest in cosmetics and I love talking about my interests. Futhermore, I’m glad I can dispell some ridiculous and downright harmful skincare myths that have gained traction in the more gullible factions of the internet (yeah, I’m looking at you, Pinterest).

A question I have received on multiple occasions goes something like this: “I’ve read some pieces online about DIY skincare and how I can make cheap facial scrubs and masks using kitchen ingredients like baking soda and lemon juice. What are the benefits of using DIY skincare? Are they as effective as store-bought manufactured products?” Continue reading

Soapbox: Russia’s Deplorable Human Rights Record Needs to Be Addressed ASAP

The purpose of this blog is to discuss and promote beauty, and that includes beauty in many forms.  Some  aspects of beauty, such as beauty of intent and spirit, are universal. In that vein, I think that inclusion, acceptance, and respect are all beautiful things. Likewise, I consider cruelty, intolerance, violence, and and the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes to be ugly and inexcusable.  Continue reading