EYELINER WEEK: Double-Winged Liner…Two Ways!

Before I apologize for how long I delayed finishing Eyeliner week, allow me to bask in the Siouxsie Sioux fierceness of the above featured image. This post is gonna get a little weird and a lot fabulous, so buckle up.

Now, before I set off on this tutorial, please allow me to apologize for how far off-track I allowed myself to stray with regards to Eyeliner Week. I was so excited for this, I was prepared, I had a plan and outlines and everything, and yet, life got in the way. I fell behind, and I’m sorry if any of you readers felt even a twinge of sadness at seeing how derailed my proposed Eyeliner Week had become. Or even if you felt just mildly inconvenienced. Or if it didn’t affect you at all. Even to those people who don’t read my blog, I’m sorry. This is what Catholic guilt does to me.

Back to the issue at hand: eyeliner. Specifically, double-winged eyeliner. That’s an eyeliner look with two wings, for those not grasping the finer points of self-explanation. And I’m gonna show you two ways to achieve this look, so it’s actually four wings. Quadruple-winged eyeliner, here we come! Continue reading


Perfect Winged Eyeliner

It happens to the best of us. We put effort into our eyeliner, decide to go for a winged look, struggle to get our wings to match, before ultimately saying “fuck it” and surrendering to makeup-remover soaked cotton swabs and wingless eyes. Well, no more. You can achieve perfect (or at least passable) winged eyes every day, with only a little bit of practice and one helpful trick. Continue reading

Universally Flattering Looks: Parisian Chic

Let me preface this by saying I am neither cool nor French. I am an ungainly Midwesterner in every sense of the term. But, if I were a cool French girl, I have a pretty good idea how I’d do my makeup. It would be imprecise, but classic. It would work with a variety of sartorial choices. It wouldn’t be too harsh, nor too subtle, nor too complicated. Above all, it would make me look effortless, like the kind of young, urbane woman who wakes up, lounges around with her lover for a bit,  smears on a bit of lip color, and pulls an Isabel Marant sweater off the floor of her adorably disheveled apartment and meets her friends for an espresso (clearly, I have given this mental picture far too much detailed thought). Continue reading

Hold On to Summer: Beachy Hair & Beautiful Legs

I subscribe to a philosophy that all people can be categorized by their favorite season, and that this holds some significant meaning regarding their respective personalities. Winter people like cold-weather sports; spring people are optimists; summer people are capable of tanning.

Personally, I dig fall. It’s my jam. New clothes, crisp school notebooks, technicolor leaves, and my birthday all come together to make this a magical time of year. Plus, the weather starts cooling down a bit, so makeup doesn’t melt off my face the same way it does in the bowels of hell mid-July. I am an “autumn person.”

However, I understand that some people are summer people. I am not–probably because I can’t tan. However, I do sympathize. This is a distressing time of year for summer people, watching the season slip away before their eyes like so many sunsets sinking into a warm August lake. We’re only a couple weeks from September!  So, to appease the summer set that desperately clings to these last few shreds of sun and fun, I have created this post. Continue reading

Style Time Machine: Bubble Buns

I would like to revisit a dark, shameful period of my childhood with the internet. Except it’s not really dark and shameful for me, just my immediate family who thought that 12-year-old Nikki was a sartorial embarrassment. Whatever, my aesthetic choices were just streets ahead. At the dawn of the new millenium, I was a fan of a hair style that was (not so endearingly) termed “bubble buns” by my mother and sister. It was pretty much just small pigtail buns placed high on the sides of my head. Pretty dope, right? I was so fly; I looked like a prepubescent brunette Zenon.

Non-coincidentally, I have burned all pictures from this part of my childhood.

So I decided to make a tutorial, mostly because I had nothing better to do last night, and partly because I think my sister and some friends will get a kick out of it. Yuck it up at my misfortune, clowns.

Continue reading