Pride Parade! Pride Parade!

Last month a data set was released which supports Seattle’s claim to the throne as Most Gay-Friendly City in America. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Pride Parade is (and long has been) a big deal around these parts. The inimitable George Takei will be leading the parade as Grand Marshall this Sunday, and I could not possibly be more stoked.

In the Venn diagram of my three great loves (Star Trek, human rights/community activism, and parties), George Takei at Seattle Pride sits smack dab in the intersection. So obviously, I have been practicing different makeup looks for this most auspicious day. Who else will be attending the Pride Parade? What are you most excited for?


Soapbox: Russia’s Deplorable Human Rights Record Needs to Be Addressed ASAP

The purpose of this blog is to discuss and promote beauty, and that includes beauty in many forms.  Some  aspects of beauty, such as beauty of intent and spirit, are universal. In that vein, I think that inclusion, acceptance, and respect are all beautiful things. Likewise, I consider cruelty, intolerance, violence, and and the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes to be ugly and inexcusable.  Continue reading