Return to Normalcy: Models on Magazines

I don’t want to say that print journalism is dying, but it has certainly suffered a shift in orientation over the past decade or so. As digital media draws an increasing market share of consumers away from paper-and-ink publications, magazines have resorted to featuring a revolving door of actresses and singers as cover models in an effort to capitalize on their celebrity and increase circulation. Don’t get me wrong; I love movies, I love music, I love the creative minds behind movies and music, and I am prone to the occasional gossip rag indulgence. However, (most) actresses and musicians are not models (as an exception to the rule, I will continue to love Diane Kruger 5eva).

It’s pretty common for people to romanticize whatever decade in which they grew up and made the formative memories of their childhoods. However, I think my love of the 90’s hits a deep, throbbing vein more intensely than the mere memories of an idealized youth viewed in hindsight. ┬áMy love of the 90’s hinges on the existence of superheros, or shall I say, supermodels. Continue reading