Best of Seattle: Julep Downtown

I have troll feet. It is an inescapable fact. Mangled, broken, sausage toes cling like barnacles to the ends of my wide, scaly feet. You may also remember that my hands ain’t much to look at, either. For obvious reasons, I try not to wear sandals unless absolutely necessary.  So it should come as no surprise that when sandals are absolutely necessary, I enjoy the occasional mani/pedi to beat my extremities into submission. Last month was no exception, as I was preparing for a week-long triple-date* beach vacation in Hilton Head. With high expectations, I scheduled an appointment for a pedicure and gel manicure at Julep’s salon on 5th.  Continue reading


Instead of [BLANK], Try [BLANK]

Instead of a baking soda facial treatment, try a baking soda nail whitener!

As previously discussed, baking soda (pH 8.3)  is far too alkaline for use on facial skin, as it will neutralize and strip away the protective acid mantle (pH 4.5-5.6). I’m amazed and disappointed that there are still people out there toting the benefits of baking soda as a facial mask or scrub. Pro tip: if a product can be used to scrub away hard water residue or stains on your toilet bowl, it’s probably not a good idea to slather it all over thin, delicate facial skin. Continue reading