Judge a Book By Its Cover: Pretty Packaging on Barr Co. Products

I am a sucker for old-school apothecary design. Glass bottles with retro paper labels give me a serious case of ineedtohaveitrightnowitis. If there’s one company that plays to my weakness, it’s Barr Co. Their soaps, salts, candles, lotions and perfumes look like they belong in an old-timey pharmacy. Or a chic French woman’s bathroom. Or a chic French pharmacy. Continue reading


Why Are All the Best Products Marketed for Babies?

Seriously, you guys. Why are companies limiting these wonderful products to such a small subset of the population? It’s crazy! ┬áPersonally, I love baby swag, and the following five products are some of my favorites. These infant-beautifiers will only be pried from my cold, dead, well-moisturized hands… Continue reading